ANND Urges the International and Arab Societies to Act Immediately to Stop the Gaza Genocide

Martes 15 de julio de 2014

Source: ANND

Date: 11 July 2014

Keywords: Gaza, Israeli aggression

Beirut on July 11, 2014; Silence about the painful developments in Gaza is not acceptable any- more. The daily violations of international law and human rights and the dangerous escalation that has been taking place during the last three days in the Strip qualify as war crimes and crimes against humanity, even genocide. Since the hostile military operations against the Gaza Strip were launched; that is, for the last three days, more than 100 Palestinian martyrs have fallen and more than 700 others were wounded, in addition to the comprehensive destruction of properties and infrastructures.

Israel ignores all international standards applicable in armed conflicts by directly targeting civil- ians, implementing collective punishment by imposing economic siege, and banning the entry of medical and relief materials. Also, the Israeli military machine, which is threatening a land aggression, does not take into any consideration the principle of proportionality and to eschew collateral damage. Surprisingly, the United States, France and Germany said Israel’s actions are part of its right to defend itself, expressing solidarity with it.

Even more surprisingly, the UN secretary-general urged both sides of the conflict for de- escalation, while the UN Security Council failed to issue a resolution denouncing Israel’s actions and calling for an end to the massacres being perpetrated against the Palestinian people as humanitarian conditions in the Strip worsen.

It is necessary to recall that treating the oppressor and the oppressed on the same par in such a case is a violation to rights. Indifference to the principle of the responsibility to protect, which in this case falls upon the international community, leads to reactions that underestimate the original action – the Israeli aggression in this case. Ignoring the occupation as a main factor of the armed conflict, will lead to no good; on the contrary, it will contribute to further inflamma- tion and over escalation in the use of force. Thus, the suitable solution is one that relies on jus- tice, and no justice will come into being unless the rights, violated by the occupation, its military and security apparatuses, and its settlement expansion, are restored.

The international community is urged to end its deadly silence and act to deter Israel and stop its military machine from committing massacres and crimes that do not discriminate among children, women, elderlies and civilians, and that invite reactions by Gaza’s population, which has been under siege for years and faces an horrible aggression that threatens their existence.

The Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND) deplores the Israeli aggression and the stanc- es of Israel’s government and military leaders, who commit a genocide against Palestinians. It also denounces the indifference of the international community, which is treating the op-pressed and the oppressor on the same par, and ignores the crazy escalation’s real reasons, which are shown by daily developments.

ANND sends the international community and friendly and allied international organizations a call for carrying out the largest possible campaign in solidarity with the Palestinian people dur- ing their current crisis that almost threaten their existence. The campaign should include pres- suring international decision-makers in the United States, Europe and the UN Security Council to immediately pressure Israel to end the aggression and work on a just and comprehensive solution for the Palestinian cause. Such a solution should include realizing all of the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights, including the right to self-determination.

ANND also calls for ending the aggression and providing international protection in all Palestini- an territories, including the West Bank, Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the 1948 territories, to the Palestinian people who face a war of abolition and a genocide.

ANND urges the Arab states to end their silence and immediately act as part of the League of Arab States to provide all means for resolve and support to the Palestinian people, who fight an existentialist war against the most criminal military machines ever.

Finally yet importantly, ANND urges the Palestinian leadership to join the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court to avoid the usual repetition of impunity in terms of massacres and war crimes being perpetrated in blatant and clear violation of humanitarian principles ostensi- bly held and promoted by international organizations.

With due respects to the Palestinian people’s martyrs, wounded and heroes, and with due dis- respects to the criminal Israeli leadership and its indifferent partners and accomplices, in the face of blatant violations to international laws and norms and human rights.

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