Human Rights for All Post-2015

Tuesday 17 December 2013Source: ANND Date: 10 december 2013 keywords: Post-2015, Human rights Human rights have surged to the forefront of the debate about what will succeed the Millennium Development Goals in 2015. As human rights and social justice organizations worldwide, we feel compelled to lay out some of the baseline implications of embedding human rights into the core of the sustainable development agenda this time around. At its essence, a post-2015 framework anchored in human rights moves from a (...) Read more >>

Final Declaration of the 4th Euro-Mediterranean Conference of the Family Associations of the Disappeared

Friday 13 December 2013Source: E-jousour Date: 5 december 2013 Keywords: Lebanon, Human Rights, Disappeared Beirut- On the 23th and 24th of November 2013, family associations of the disappeared coming from all around the Euro-Mediterranean region- Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Serbia and Turkey-, as well as from other regions, international and Lebanese non-governmental organizations, international and local experts, judges, lawyers, journalists as well as representatives of national and international (...) Read more >>

Egypt: No Acknowledgment or Justice for Mass Protester Killings Set Up a Fact-Finding Committee as a First Step

Thursday 12 December 2013Source: CIHRS Date: 10 december 2013 Keywords: Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood, Human Rights Thirteen Egyptian and international human rights organizations called on the Egyptian authorities today, on international Human Rights Day, to acknowledge, and seriously and thoroughly investigate the killing of up to 1,000 people by security forces dispersing Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins on August 14, 2013. The government has not established a public record of what occurred that day, and the Office of (...) Read more >>

Abducted human rights lawyer Razan Zaitouneh and her three colleagues must be released unharmed

Thursday 12 December 2013Source: EMHRN Date: 11 december 2013 Keywords: Syria, Syrian activists, Civil society Four Syrian activists abducted in the Damascus suburbs, apparently in relation to their human rights and humanitarian work, must be released immediately and unconditionally, 16 human rights organizations said today. Award-winning Syrian human rights defender and writer Razan Zaitouneh, along with her husband, Wa’el Hamada, and two colleagues, Nazem Hamadi and Samira Khalil, were abducted by unknown (...) Read more >>

International Human Rights Day…. Palestinian People’s Suffering Continues

Monday 9 December 2013Source:PCHR Date: 09 December 2013 Keywords: Human Rights Day, Palestine On 10 December, the world celebrates the Human Rights Day, which was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1950 to review the international achievements in the field of universal respect, promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental liberties that are the core principles of International Bill of Human Rights, which States have repeatedly emphasized their legal and moral commitment, in (...) Read more >>

Egypt’s New Constitution A Victory For Women’s Rights To Full Citizenship

Thursday 5 December 2013Source: E-jousour Date: 4 december 2013 Keywords: Civil & political rights, Democracy, Economic, social & cultural rights, Freedom of expression, Human rights systems, bodies and instruments, Law, Political participation, Violence against women On 1 December 2013, the 50-member Constituent Assembly tasked with amending the suspended 2012 constitution came to an end. A preliminary reading of the Constitution, with an eye to safeguarding women’s rights, shows that, as well as the (...) Read more >>

Sudan’s rights body admits existence of human rights violations

Friday 29 November 2013Source: e-jousour Date: 27 november 2013 Keywords: Sudan, Human Rights November 22, 2013 (KHARTOUM) - Sudan’s National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) has admitted the existence of human rights violations in the country including restrictions on freedoms and civil and political rights. The NCHR’s complaints committee disclosed that it received 83 complaints in 2013 and 42 complaint in 2012 relating to human rights abuses. The NCHR deputy chairperson, Joseph Khalil, said in press (...) Read more >>

PNGO and Human Rights Organizations Calls for Immediately Ending Suffering of Civilians Due to Electricity Outages

Thursday 28 November 2013Source: PCHR Date: 27 november 2013 keywords: Gaza,Human rights, Israeli occupation authorities, deteriorating humanitarian conditions The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations Network (PNGO) and human rights organizations in the Gaza Strip express their deep concern for the deteriorating humanitarian conditions of the population of the Gaza Strip due to the continued tightened closure imposed by Israel on 1.8 million people and its impact on all aspects of their lives, while the (...) Read more >>

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women: Violence against women, bleeding wound in the Syrian conflict

Wednesday 27 November 2013Source:EMHRN Date: 25 november 2013 Keywords:Violence against women, Syria , sexual abuses, Conflict On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 2013, the Euro Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) releases a new report “Violence against women, a bleeding wound in the Syrian conflict” that sheds light on the increased use of rape, torture and other forms of violence against women in in Syria. The report describes how abuses against women (...) Read more >>

Urgent appeal for the release of prisoners of conscience and all detainees in Syria

Wednesday 27 November 2013Source: CIHRS Date: 26 november 2013 Keywords: Syria, Human Rights, Detainees, War The undersigned organizations express their utmost concerns as for the fate of tens of thousands of detainees in Syria and urge all parties to guarantee in all circumstances their physical and psychological integrity and release those arbitrarily detained. For more than 2 years and a half, the Syrian government has been carrying out large scale campaigns of arbitrary arrests and has jailed tens of (...) Read more >>

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