Egypt: Election monitoring hindered by restrictions

Thursday 31 May 2012The first round vote for Egypt’s next president has been criticized last week by international and local election observers who say that restricted access for monitors and minor violations have undermined the overall transparency of the process, reported journalist Nadine Marroushi for the Egypt Independent news portal. Many civil society organizations decided to work outside the official framework given the restrictions put in place by the Presidential Elections Commission (PEC). "We (...) Read more >>

The Demands for New Development Models at the Center of the Peoples’ Revolutions in the Arab Region: Threats from Multilateral and Regional Financial and Development Institutions

Thursday 31 May 2012

A través de este informe la red La Red Árabe de ONG para el Desarrollo explica porque son necesarios nuevos modelos de desarrollo en la Región Árabe.


The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and Related Processes

Wednesday 30 May 2012The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership engages eight Arab countries in a multi-dimensional partnership with the EU, including bilateral association agreements, trade liberalization arrangements, and broader cooperation under National Action Plans The EU also engages the Gulf Cooperation Council in trade arrangements. Furthermore, the Union for the Mediterranean presents new collaborative framework and institutional infrastructure that links the EU with Arab States. ANND has followed these (...) Read more >>

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