On the third anniversary of the revolution: The Egyptian police usher in a new age of repression by killing dozens and conducting arbitrary arrests across the country

Wednesday 29 January 2014Source: CIHRS Date: 26 january 2013 Keywords: Egypt, Joint Statement, Revolution, Violence, Law The undersigned human rights organizations categorically condemn the acts of violence committed principally by security forces – which fall under the jurisdiction of the Egyptian Interior Ministry – on Saturday, January 25, 2014, the third anniversary of the Egyptian revolution. This violence, which specifically targeted protests and other gatherings held to express their lack of support for the (...) Read more >>

Syrian Women Issue Charter Syrian Women Issue Charter for Peace in Damascus Ahead of Geneva II Conference

Monday 27 January 2014Source: EMHRN Date: 16 January 2014 Keywords: Syria, women, conflict, peace, Geneve II Damascus, Syria - More than sixty Syrian women from a number of Syrian districts and governorates met in Damascus on January 6th and issued the Syrian Women’s Charter outlining their shared vision for Syrian women, for the future Syrian state, and for peace. The meeting was a collaboration between the Syrian Women’s Forum for Peace, a partner of Karama, and a group of independent Syrian women (...) Read more >>

The UN should appoint a special envoy for democratic transitions in the Arab region CIHRS recommendations presented to the UN Secretary-General during a meeting with CIHRS director Bahey eldin Hassan

Friday 24 January 2014Source: CIHRS Date: 23 january 2014 keywords: Arab region, UN,CIHRS The UN should restructure the missions of its bureaus in the region and prioritize the human rights component of their work. Egypt: The government should immediately release all non-violent political prisoners and end the control of the security apparatus over the Public Prosecution; the Muslim Brotherhood must cease acts of violence. Syria: Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar must work together to secure the (...) Read more >>

From Subjects To Citizens: Women In Post-Revolutionary Libya

Wednesday 22 January 2014Source: AWID Date: 15 january 2014 Keywords: Civil & political rights, Movement building, Peace & reconciliation, United Nations, War and armed conflict Brief from the International Civil Society Action Network’s (ICAN) What the Women Say series. Key points from ICAN’s Libya brief: Libya women played a crucial role in the revolution and were initially part of mediation and transition discussions, but have since been dismissed as stake holders by the transitional government and (...) Read more >>

Maghnia: Crossing the Uncrossable Border

Tuesday 21 January 2014Source: EMHRN Date: 18 December 2013 In November 2012 and June 2013, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) commissioned two missions to Maghnia, an Algerian city bordering Morocco, to investigate the conditions of its Sub-Saharan migrant and refugee population. The border crossing between Maghnia and Oujda, its counterpart on the Moroccan side, is one of the main migratory crossroads in North Africa. While thousands of Sub-Saharan migrants have passed through it in the past (...) Read more >>


Monday 20 January 2014This report links Egypt’s shifting political phases to debates more specifically about citizenship rights. It offers a general overview of Egypt’s recent political trajectory, before unpacking the various dimensions of debates over citizenship rights. In each of the three political phases since Mubarak’s ousting, citizenship rights have been curtailed. Crucially, the reasons for their constriction have been different in each phase. Some limitations have derived from largely political power (...) Read more >>

Syrian journalists work tirelessly to cover their country’s protracted civil war while struggling to survive and lacking basic necessities

Thursday 16 January 2014Source: E-jousour Date: 10 january 2014 Keywords: Syrie, Droits Humains, Médias, Information, Communication “Topping our list of concerns is the fear of dying from a shell, or from a bullet – stray or intended,” says Lina al-Hakim, a Syrian journalist reporting on the humanitarian situation in the country’s largest city Aleppo. The western part of the city where she is based is under the control of the Assad regime and subject to almost daily shelling by the armed opposition. Lina al-Hakim (...) Read more >>

Report monitoring the referendum coverage of 20 media outlets CIHRS: Media joins the chorus of public mobilization

Wednesday 15 January 2014Source: Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies Date: 14 january 2014 Keywords:Egypt, Referendum, Human Rights, Constitution, Muslim Brotherhood On Tuesday, January 14, 2014, the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies issued its second interim report on the performance of 20 media outlets during coverage of the referendum on the constitution from December 5 to January 8. The report, the second in a series of media monitoring of the referendum, evaluates the media’s performance during (...) Read more >>

When will Egypt get a constitution that respects Egyptians and protects their dignity?

Monday 13 January 2014Source: Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies Date: 12 january 2014 Keywords:Egypt, Human Rights, Constitution The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies has profound reservations about the constitution drafted by the fifty-member committee tasked with amending the 2012 constitution. While the provisions and language in the amended chapter on rights and liberties are preferable to those in the 2012 document, and the new version explicitly acknowledges that rights and liberties (...) Read more >>

The Arab NGO Network for Development Position on Discussion Paper in Preparation of the Future Thematic Programme on Global Public Goods and Challenges 2014-2020

Tuesday 17 December 2013Source: ANND keywords: ANND, Civil society, Human rights How can CSOs and LAs contribute to the achievement of inclusive and sustainable development outcomes? This brief document summarizes the position of the Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND) in light of the discussion paper in preparation of the future Thematic Programme for 2014-2020. Whereas the three questions listed in the discussion paper allows CSOs and LAs to contribute to advancement of the Thematic Programme on Global (...) Read more >>

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