Post 2015: New expectations

Monday 2 September 2013

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Authorship: Francisco Cabrera.

Editorial and Canal: Popular Education Council for Latin America and the Caribbean (Consejo de Educación Popular de América Latina y el Caribe (CEAAL)).

Type of document: Article.

Language: Spanish.

Subject: Education.

Keywords: Agenda post 2015, human rights and education.

Countries and Regions: Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Popular Education Council for Latin America and the Caribbean is fostering a campaign to promote a serious commitment by all involved actors in the debate of the post 2015 Agenda under debate and drafted in several events and by different means.

With its proposing and critical sense that characterize our affiliates, we are supporting the drafting of a serious and deep commitment with the new efforts we need to to in the world so that education might be understood and set in motion as a human right in its full dimension.

Reiterated non fulfillments in different platforms of commitments have prolonged the mistrust and doubts. So perhaps the main effort should be exerted towards that direction. How to generate trust toward processes whose route is filled with threats, incertitude and worrying backgrounds? That is the question! But our world and our region need hope, the hope Master Freire left us at the beginning of the nineties. With that hope we will build efforts to influence in the agenda and in the process. That is the reason for our campaign.

We are committing ourselves once again, being as serious as always we are, to contribute in a consistent way with an animation and verification proposal to take proper steps and to create required conditions and above all to push State representatives and multinational bodies to fulfill with their share and to render accounts of their efforts and their results.

So then, it is fundamental to attain the active participation of national collectives, of the links, and of all structures from our network to strengthen the process we are forging in a shared effort with other networks and allied bodies.

Let us transform these new expectations in realities. A new and serious commitment with rights, and in particular with the right to education, it is something possible to attain!

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