Mexico: “There will be no recreation. Constitutional counter reform and teaching profession disobedience”

Tuesday 9 April 2013

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Authorship: Luis Hernández Navarro.

- Foundation Rosa Luxemburg.
- Brigade To Read under Freedom.

Canal: Fundación Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS).

Type of document: Reports and studies.

Language: Spanish.

Theme: Politics.

Keywords: Education, Government, Youth, Legislation, Politics, Social reforms.

Countries and Regions: Mexico.

Description: Book.

- Introduction.
- Chapter I: Wuthering heights.
- Chapter II: The Sword of Damocles.
- Chapter III: The ups and downs of the angel of dependence.
- Chapter IV: The SNTE and the game of the hen.
- Chapter V: Emergence classrooms.
- Chapter VI: The assassination of Minerva: The battle for rural teaching graduates.
- Chapter VII: The principle of authority.
- Epilogue.

See the full book at the direct link and on PDF format.

The Foundation Rosa Luxemburg and the Brigada para Leer en Libertad share with you the book "No habrá recreo. Contra-reforma constitucional y desobediencia magisterial" by the journalist Luis Hernández Navarro. This publication is distributed free of charge and it can be obtained in different book presentation activities arranged by the brigade La Brigada para Leer en Libertad.

"Day after day, one hour prior to the end of the day classes, students will sing in the room their dreams and the professor will discuss with them about it. Just when the day was about to end the professor will remind them “you already know your homework: before going to sleep, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Think about something pleasant you experienced or you would like to do until you fell asleep. And as soon as you are awake, the first think you should do is to write about your dreams”.

This type of professors is the one that the education reform wants to eliminate. They do not fit in the pedagogy we want to create. They are a hurdle. There is no Word able to describe them. We should get rid of them. How shall we evaluate someone who is teaching his/her students to dream? " (Luis Hernández Navarro)

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