Campaing: Stop the San Jose del Tambo hydroelectric project in Ecuador

Monday 8 April 2013

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Summons: Food & Water Watch

Channel: People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS)

Location: Ecuador

Date: until April 18, 2013

Type: Campaigns

Language: English

Category: Habitat

Keywords: Agriculture, Human right to water, Human rights livestock, Infrastructure and Services, Prisoners, Territory, Water,

Countries and Regions: Ecuador

Description: Collection of signatures through shipping Letter to the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa

The people of San Jose del Tambo, Ecuador have been fighting for nine years to stop a major hydroelectric project. Hidrotambo S.A. was granted a concession to over 90% of the waters of the Dulcepamba River and its tributaries for 50 years or for the duration of the useful life of the planned 8-megawatt hydroelectric project.

The micro-watershed under concession spans 39,500 hectares, and its 40,000 inhabitants will not be able to access water in future years for their small-scale agricultural activities and the raising of livestock. Hidrotambo S.A. has used repressive measures and many community members have been imprisoned and injured.

Acción Ecológica, FECAB-BRUNARI, Tierra y Vida and other local partners are holding President Correa accountable to his 2006 campaign promise to stop the San Jose del Tambo project and we need your help in the form of signatures. Please find a letter to President Correa below and attached in English and Spanish.

We are aiming to send the letter on the same day that the coalition will release a human rights report on the project, so please send your organization/affiliation’s name and country by April 18 to:

Tejiendo Redes.
C/ Hermanos García Noblejas, 41, 8º. 28037 - MADRID.
Tlf: 91 4084112 Fax: 91 408 70 47. Email: