On the name

-  First of all we are of the opinion that the name covers an indispensable space: Democratization, “from below and from inside” of International Development Cooperation of the Third World Peoples – as an alternative to the First one (there is no longer a 2nd) and the possible incidence of a given cooperation to development, on Democratization of the Peoples and Countries...

-  Another reason base them in the following explanation: We consider that any of the big philosophical trends (Kant, Hegel, idealisms, materialisms..., A. Gramsci and its different interpreters...) and the uses given by Sociologies and Social Sciences around the Civil Society, with a landing in the theory (?) of the Three Sectors (1º. State, 2º. Market, 3º. Civil Society), coincide in that:

"...a strategic alliance of a long and decisive duration shall be build within the forms and levels in which the Civil Society is organized and the different instances of that Political Power that it is aware of the need of the deep changes that are indispensable to build a “World of solidarity and justice” where the values sustaining and giving sense to the Integrated System of All Human rights for all Human beings..." In this horizon is necessary that the expressions of this Civil society and advanced expressions of the decentralized and specific Political Power. Those are at present the objectives and challenges we need to confront together, in the present and in the medium and long term.

The experience of the International Forums Democracy and Cooperation, given the sensibility - and image - raised with this field of national and international action (ethics, technical, economic, cultural, politics, media...) and the consolidated existence of the Latin American-Caribbean, African, Asian, European Social Networks... are a path that, in spite of non being easy, it is worthwhile to open for us and for many of the generations that will follow us.

That is the specific field and the horizon toward which we are walking.

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