With the purpose of contributing, from an organized civil society, to the progressive creation of a new array of the world situation in its political, economic, cultural and social relationships - today marked by deep structural inequalities... - and to advance toward the effective guarantee and extension of Development focused on Rights, we intend:

-  To contribute in the construction of an integrated system of social and political incidence for a democratization change of social and international relationships in all its environments and levels, by means of the strengthening of the social networks of the South and the North in a Development action process with sustainability (economic, social and ecological).

-  To create an area for knowledge, communication, information, exchange and mutual support from which to respond to the needs, interests and proposals of the Organized Civil Society in the countries from the South, and with it, to contribute so that its agenda ends up being listened directly by an aware citizenship, social organizations and public institutions, in the countries of the North and, in short, in Spain. And let us assume with collective responsibility the participation in the ethical, technical, economic, cultural and political process that demands the structural change of North and South Relationships.

Tejiendo Redes.
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