-  Within this context is framed and understood the Foro Internacional Democracia y Cooperación (FIDC), (Democracy and Cooperation International Forum) which was created in Nicaragua (March 22-24, 2000) during the holding of a meeting of organizations and social bases who gathered to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Fundacion A.C. Sandino, where those responsible for AUPEX and IEPALA met with many other persons and institutions, and they stated "the urgency of fostering Networks, Forums and Meetings to boost and internationalize Civil Society all around the world", after the experience of Plataformas Civiles that accompanied the 90’s Summits and, before that, the birth of Cooperación Descentralizada (Colonia, 1985). January 2001 marks the birth of Foro Social Mundial as a true “historical novum....”

-  Faced with the Summit of Heads of State and Government from LA-EU(Madrid 2002), in close convergence with the International Secretariat of the FSM (World Social Forums), the creation of the International Forum Democracy and Cooperation is decided.

-  The welcoming granted by the President of Junta de Extremadura opens a new horizon of possibility; this fact together with the taking into consideration of the Political Power development in the Extremadura community which foresees the possibility of a "strategic alliance that serves as reference to define the type of relationship between the Organized Civil Society and the decentralized political Power"..., became the reasons for which, since the beginning, the FIDC, has met periodically in Extremadura.

  • I FIDC, Cáceres, May 6-10, 2002
  • II FIDC, Creofonte, December 2-5, 2004
  • III FIDC, Badajoz, February 2-4, 2006
  • IV FIDC, Cáceres, September 15-17, 2008
  • V FIDC, Cáceres, June 21-24, 2010

-  In 2008 AECID incorporates to the process, within the framework of the Tejiendo Redes project, and provides support to the IV and V editions of FIDC. It projects its support, within the framework of the adopted Convention 2010, to IEPALA for the period 2010-2013. Along this process, SECI (Secretaría de Estado para la Cooperación Internacional) (Secretary of State for International Cooperation) has also provided its support.

-  All along this process the Asociación de Universidades Populares de Extremadura (AUPEX) (Association of Popular Universities of Extremadura) plays an indispensable role and IEPALA has been working with it since its emergence. Both organizations constitute the Executive Secretary of FIDC.

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