BANGLADESH:Artists, musicians, writers protest government plans for massive coal plant in the Sundarbans

Sunday 9 November 2014Date: 28 October 2014 Source: Mongabay Type: News Keywords: Coal power Over the weekend, Bangladeshi artists performed plays, sang songs, and recited poetry all in a bid to protect the Sundarbans—the world’s biggest mangrove forest—from the threat of a massive coal plant. Construction is already under way on the hugely controversial Rampal coal plant, a 1,320 megawatt plant set just 14 kilometers from the edge of the Sundarbans. "We have many alternatives to produce electricity but no (...) Read more >>

BANGLADESH: All activities suspended for workers’ strike

Sunday 9 November 2014Date: 9 November 2014 Source: The Daily Star Type: News Keywords: Workers, labour rights The workers of all cargo carriers plying the inland waterways across the country launched an indefinite strike yesterday after seven people aboard a fertiliser-laden lighter vessel went missing in Laxmipur the night before following what they said a robbery. Though police claimed that it was an incident of internal fighting among the crew, they could not confirm what actually happened. Ten people (...) Read more >>

IPCC adopts synthesis report; warns of irreversible impacts

Tuesday 4 November 2014Date: 3 November 2014 Source: Third World Network Type: Press Release Keywords: Climate change, IPCC Copenhagen, 3 Nov. 2014 (Meena Raman and Indrajit Bose)-Twenty-three hours behind schedule, member governments of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) finally approved the Summary for Policymakers (SPM) of the Synthesis Report of its Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) and also adopted the Synthesis Report late afternoon on Saturday, 1 November in Copenhagen, Denmark. Members (...) Read more >>

Views and approaches for 2015 outcome/agreement remain divergent

Tuesday 4 November 2014Date: 4 November 2014 Source: TWN Type: Press Release Keywords: Post-2015 agenda Kuala Lumpur, 3 November (Hilary Chiew) – At the last contact group meeting of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Actions (ADP) on 25 October, Parties continued the exchange of views on the elements of mitigation including its cycle (of commitment periods) and the legal form of the new agreement. The ADP meeting was held on 20-25 October in Bonn. Most developing countries (...) Read more >>

PAN AP lauds successful caravan for seed and food sovereignty in Sri Lanka

Tuesday 4 November 2014Date: 23 October 2014 Source: PAN AP Type: Press Release Keywords: Food sovereignty caravan PAN Asia Pacific (PAN AP) warmly applauds our friends and partners in Sri Lanka for their successful five-day Caravan for Seed and Food sovereignty from 12-16 October. The caravan organized and participated in by various groups including the Movement for Land and Agricultural Reform (MONLAR), National Women’s Federation (VIKALPANI), and the National Fisheries Solidarity Movement (NAFSO) (...) Read more >>

CFS agri investment principles don’t uphold food, land rights - PAN AP

Tuesday 4 November 2014Date: 15 October 2014 Source: PAN AP Type: Press Release Keywords: CFS, responsible agricultural investment his was how regional advocacy group PAN Asia Pacific (PAN AP) described a set of principles on agricultural investments that the intergovernmental and multi-stakeholder Committee on World Food Security (CFS) is set to endorse today during its 41st annual meeting in Rome. CFS 41 plenary at the FAO headquarters in Rome (Photo: Gilbert Sape/PAN AP) The CFS is expected to adopt the (...) Read more >>

SIGN-ON: Pesticides Harm! Protect Our Children!

Tuesday 4 November 2014Source: PAN AP Type: Sign-On Statement Keywords: Pesticides Pesticides harm the environment and people’s health, and our children are the most vulnerable. A US national survey found that of the 40 pesticides most commonly used in schools, 28 are probable or possible carcinogens (cancer-causing), 26 cause reproductive problems, 26 damage the nervous system and 13 are linked to birth defects. In Australia, where insecticides are widely used in homes and farms, pre-school children have been (...) Read more >>

People of the World, Surge Forward for Climate Justice!

Tuesday 4 November 2014Date: 1 November 2014 Source: Type: Statement Keywords: Typhoon Haiyan On the first year of Typhoon Haiyan People of the World, Surge Forward for Climate Justice! n commemoration of the first year of Typhoon Haiyan and to honor all the victims of the global climate crisis, we declare this day, November 8, as International Day for Climate-Affected Communities as we call on all climate-impacted communities and their organizations to unite in demanding justice and system (...) Read more >>

AUSTRALIA: Tasmania’s anti-protest law slammed by former supreme court justice

Tuesday 4 November 2014Date: 29 October 2014 Source: The Guardian Type: News Keywords: human rights A former Tasmanian supreme court judge has told the state’s upper house that a controversial anti-protest law is “one of the worst-drafted pieces of legislation I’ve seen”. The Tasmanian legislative council heard submissions on the Hodgman government’s protection from protesters bill on Wednesday ahead of a parliamentary debate. The bill – which the government is amending following widespread criticism, including (...) Read more >>

NEW ZEALAND: Protest action against TPPA

Tuesday 4 November 2014Date: 28 October 2014 Source: Manawatu Standard Type: News Keywords: TPPA Palmerston North people will take to the streets next week as part of nationwide protests against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). The TPPA is a trade deal being negotiated between New Zealand and 11 other Asia-Pacific countries, the biggest of which are Japan and the United States. Opponents warn it will be detrimental to New Zealand’s economy and environment. But Government ministers have (...) Read more >>

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